Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Room 7s Monochramatic Art

Room 7s Monochramatic Art
is coming along nicely

We have created smaller images to begin with... 
Check out some of them
What do you think?

Go For It FUN!

Fun and laughter as we enjoy some 
Go For It 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Writing in Room 7 with Mrs Sally Muir

Room 7 enjoyed a fantastic morning of writing with Mrs Sally Muir this morning.
We wrote about Winter. 
We challenged winter with our words and let it know that no matter how tough it might be, we are tougher.

Rebel Sports Ode to WinterClick above

Winter do your worst
It will be my very first
I will wear my scarves and gloves
I can fight without my love
Bring your cold frost 
I will prepare - your loss

Winter you can try
and winter I will not cry
your cold wind can blow the trees
but your cold wind can’t blow me.

By Tahlia

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Room 7s Photo Finalists

Congratulations to 
 Tristin, Izabella, Brylee and Ella for making it through to the school photography finals.
Each of your images look awesome.


Room 7s Fantastic Assembly

On Friday the 19th of June Room 7 ran the whole school assembly.   Some Room 7 children shared their writing and had some fun sharing our brain breaks.  
What a fabulous job we did.  Frances Lloyd was our guest of honour.  She is an ex student who has recently won gold at the Taekwon Do tournament in Italy.  

 We loved hosting her an enjoyed talking with her and watching her demonstrate her talents.

 Alex and Tom did a brilliant job of hosting our assembly.

Well done Room 7 on an awesome effort.
Thank you Frances for being our special guest of honour - you rock!

Go For it - Kick it

Lots of fun on Mondays at Go for it. We are learning about soccer skills, but had lots of fun playing a variety of soccer games.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Wow! Room 7 have some stunning photographers in our class, check out some of our 26 class entries.

We are going to vote on these and choose the 3 top Year 5 and 3 top Year 6 photos.

We will then send these to Mrs Dunham who is in charge of running the school wide photography competition.  Very Exciting!  Good luck everyone!

State Highway 2 issues and possible solutions

After lots of discussion and thinking Room 7 have spent some time looking at the issues facing SH2 between Katikati and Tauranga. These are some of the major problems we see and our solutions

State Highway 2
As discussed by Room 7 children
          Problems             Solutions
Poor driving/speeding/drunk driving
  • More police on road
  • tougher to get licences
  • widen the road to increase the number of  passing lanes and also for slow drivers and trucks/buses.
  • no smoking, texting, putting on makeup  while driving.
  • central barrier runs along SH 2 between Katikati and Tauranga.
  • drivers carpool to reduce vehicle numbers
  • drivers dip lights when cars are approaching at night
  • zero tolerance towards alcohol for all drivers regardless of age.

Road is dangerous - many corners, uneven surfaces and dips etc
widen and improved, straighten roads.
Very busy road/lots of traffic - lots of trucks and truck & trailers.
separate truck/bus lane
Lots of speed changes
make it 80kph right through apart from built up areas which should be 50kph

Difficult roads to turn out of when heading towards Tauranga eg Youngson, Quarry, Minden, Ainsworth etc
Roundabouts so cars turn left rather than right then go to a roundabout to head back towards Tauranga
Drive ways off SH 2
Divert them onto side Roads

Possibly More Roundabouts at intersections
Road works are an issue as they delay traffic causes long queues
Difficult as they road needs regular maintenance.  Maybe no roadworks during high peak traffic times
Tractors on the road  are a problem
slow vehicle lane

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Swim It Survival

Today Room 7 enjoyed their last day of 'Swim It".  

Armed with togs, towel, and pyjamas Room 7 and Room 5  children set off for our usual 'swim it' session at Greerton Swimming Pools.  What a blast.  We learnt about surviving if we fell into the water fully dressed and how to pull someone onto a boat if they were unconscious.

Thanks to the awesome swimming tutors at Greerton Pools - we had a great time and learned so much from you all.

Check out our video's...