Thursday, June 4, 2015

State Highway 2 issues and possible solutions

After lots of discussion and thinking Room 7 have spent some time looking at the issues facing SH2 between Katikati and Tauranga. These are some of the major problems we see and our solutions

State Highway 2
As discussed by Room 7 children
          Problems             Solutions
Poor driving/speeding/drunk driving
  • More police on road
  • tougher to get licences
  • widen the road to increase the number of  passing lanes and also for slow drivers and trucks/buses.
  • no smoking, texting, putting on makeup  while driving.
  • central barrier runs along SH 2 between Katikati and Tauranga.
  • drivers carpool to reduce vehicle numbers
  • drivers dip lights when cars are approaching at night
  • zero tolerance towards alcohol for all drivers regardless of age.

Road is dangerous - many corners, uneven surfaces and dips etc
widen and improved, straighten roads.
Very busy road/lots of traffic - lots of trucks and truck & trailers.
separate truck/bus lane
Lots of speed changes
make it 80kph right through apart from built up areas which should be 50kph

Difficult roads to turn out of when heading towards Tauranga eg Youngson, Quarry, Minden, Ainsworth etc
Roundabouts so cars turn left rather than right then go to a roundabout to head back towards Tauranga
Drive ways off SH 2
Divert them onto side Roads

Possibly More Roundabouts at intersections
Road works are an issue as they delay traffic causes long queues
Difficult as they road needs regular maintenance.  Maybe no roadworks during high peak traffic times
Tractors on the road  are a problem
slow vehicle lane

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