Wednesday, September 9, 2015



Room 7 have been working incredibly hard over the last 3 weeks getting our speeches written.

Our semi finalists were
Year 6: Ella Crichton, Alex Rennie, Tahlia Marshall
Year 5: Achilles Burne, Izabella Ritai

Great effort by you all

Our winning finalists both came from Room 7 which was very exciting, they were...

Year 6: Ella Crichton 
Year 5: Achilles Burne

Ella's Speech was very thought provoking as it was about Child Poverty while Achilles took us on a journey through the galaxy which was very informative as well as fun.

These two students both went on to represent our school at the North Cluster Speech competition held at Matahui school on Tuesday the 8th of September.

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